beBetter Health, Inc. Announces Educational Portion Plates That Support New USDA Food Icon

The Portion Plate® reinforces balanced eating, portion control

CHICAGO, IL – June 2, 2011 – The USDA has created a new icon to remind consumers to make healthier food choices, replacing the previous Food Pyramid. Today, beBetter Health, a leader in population health and wellness, announces new portion control plates to support the USDA’s food icon and Dietary Guidelines.

beBetter Health has been a pioneer in using portion control plates that help consumers visualize the concepts of balanced eating, wise food choices, and the importance of healthy portion sizes. beBetter’s trademarked Portion Plate® has been used by half a million dietitians, educators, and consumers over the past 8 years to help children and adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The Portion Plate® is consistent with the simple messages of the new USDA food icon: fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, eat more whole grains, and don’t oversize your portions. The Portion Plate® reinforces these important messages with visual cues that make it easy for consumers to see how much of each food group is appropriate for healthy weight management.

portion platebeBetter Health’s new Portion Plates include vibrant color photos of healthy foods and images of physical activity consistent with the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines. For young children, the new plates show fun, colorful cartoon characters representing the USDA food groups, and a companion placemat with games and age-appropriate nutrition messages. A third plate is available for older children and young teens.

“We believe that a physical plate that consumers can actually use during their meals will greatly support the messages of the new USDA icon,” says Kevin Noland, COO of beBetter Health. “We created the plate to be an engaging, interactive tool to support the USDA’s guidelines for proper nutrition.”

To see the new plates and learn more, visit for our complete line of portion control products.

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