beBetter for Small Business

The worksite wellness industry has largely ignored small businesses. We are changing that.

beBetter for Small Business is a turnkey, ready-to-go wellness solution with easy administration and HIGH VALUE.

For just one low monthly price for your entire organization,
you can have an engaging wellness solution:

communication materials
  • Dedicated wellness portal for your employees
  • 3 programs and 2 social challenges every year that boost physical activity, better nutrition, and well-being
  • Individual HRA, wellness goals, health score, trackers
  • Points-based incentive system with beBetter-sponsored rewards
  • Participant webinars on well-being topics
  • Integration with leading fitness devices and apps
  • Complete smoking cessation solution with virtual coach!

To ensure success and make administration easy, you’ll receive:

  • Automated emails to drive engagement
  • Posters and flyers to distribute as desired
  • Monthly client emails and recorded webinars to explain every step
  • Self-service reports
  • Automated billing

Great Value for Smaller Budgets!

affordable price

Easy Administration – We removed the hard work needed to set up a wellness program. There are NO eligibility files to mess with. NO implementation fees. NO internal meetings to decide configuration settings. Everything is ready to go soon after you sign up.

We believe employers profit from having engaged, happy employees who are able to participate in high-value wellness programs. Fun and great health is our solution!

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