This monthly program gives your employees healthy activities to do all year long. Each month is built around a key health observance such as American Heart Month, National Nutrition Month, and Home Safety Month, and gives the employee a related self-guided activity to achieve. The goal is to reinforce a healthy culture throughout the year.

Employees will learn how to take better care of their heart and skin, look and feel better, and protect themselves from some serious illnesses. Each month participants will receive an email reminder to log into their wellness portal to learn about that months challenge. Participants will find easy, achievable tips and steps to bring them closer to their health goals along with a simple activity to complete.

Employees can view the entire calendar of activities, but can only enter and read each month’s program as it occurs: no peaking ahead!


  • Complete integration with online portal and incentive management
  • Online registration
  • Self-guided and self reported
  • Optional Portion Plate® teaching tool and incentive


  • Develop better wellness habits
  • Invest more time in self care
  • Improve fitness and nutrition
  • Understand importance of wellness

Creating a Culture of Health - One Month at a Time